The 7 Blunders of the Parking World

In the annals of bad parking jobs, seven monumental achievements of douchebag parking jobs stand out among the rest. Bust out your pen and paper, history buffs, and prepare to take some bad parking notes as we dive into the Seven Blunders of the Parking World:

Hanging Dump Truck of Babylon
From antiquity to the modern day, no example of awful parking was more precariously placed than the Hanging Dump Truck of Babylon. How did it get there? Did it ever come down? Can someone please get this guy a bad parking magnet? These are the questions historians will be left asking for decades.

Colossal Douche of Roads
Sometimes, awful parking goes past the realm of art and straight into the world of ruthless professional efficiency. If anyone deserves a bad parking business card, it’s the Colossal Douche of Roads. Hummer? Check. Blocked handicapped spot? Check. Indeed, a truly historic display.

The Wrecked House of Alexandria
Nothing screams “you park like an idiot” more than placing a vehicle directly through the wall of your own home. In the Wrecked House of Alexandria, a stunning feat of poor parking, note the manner in which the driver throws both caution and the laws of physics to the wind. Godspeed, good sir. Godspeed…

Mausoleum of Cartacarnassus
“Oh, oh…carT. With a ‘t.’ See I thought it said ‘car.’”  We may never know exactly what lead to the Mausoleum of Cartacarnassus, but we imagine it went something along those lines. Never before, nor again, have more that 200 shopping carts been displaced by such an historic display of bad parking.

The Great Pyramid of Kias
Long believed to be some sort of advanced solar calendar, the Great Pyramid of Kias draws admirers from around the world. Originally thought to have been constructed with a series of elaborate ropes and pulleys, the edifice is actually the result of a man named Steve trying to parallel park at freeway speed.

Temple of Cartimus
If you want to worship at the altar of parking shame, the Temple of Cartimus is the place for you. Not one, not two, but FIVE displays of what can only be explained as “funny parking.” Note the worshipers casually basking in this modern marvel.

Statue of Porsche at Olympia
Two overpowered Euro rockets. One stunning display of accidental engineering. How these two cheese sniffers managed this feat without killing one another is still a mystery. Perhaps there as just some things we aren’t meant to know.

Written by Peter V.
Peter is an L.A.-based designer, blogger and daily commuter. He explores what causes parking to suck in urban environments, how to bring about parking regulation changes, and the latest advancements in parking tech.