Santa Fe’s Finest Parking Enforcement

Sometimes, you’re just so JAZZED writing parking tickets, that you disregard the basic understanding of your surroundings and let your car plow through a cinderblock wall. It’s bound to happen, no?

Well, it did for Santa Fe’s Parking Division employee Karmela Garcia. After stepping out of the car to write someone else a parking ticket, she turned around to find that her city-owned 2003 Chevy.. wasn’t where she left it. While some may think this would be a clever ruse to upgrade to a new taxpayer-funded company car, the general consensus is that it’s merely some highly-ironic, Grade “A” cluelessness. And to think, she even had her lucky keyring on her. Shucks!

“AHHHhhhhh shit….”

– Garcia (probably)

What Garcia DID say was that “she might have left the vehicle in drive and that is why the vehicle traveled down the hill“…

Take a bow, Garcia! And let the shame of a nation echo in your dreams.

Written by Peter V.
Peter is an L.A.-based designer, blogger and daily commuter. He explores what causes parking to suck in urban environments, how to bring about parking regulation changes, and the latest advancements in parking tech.