Parking 101: A Refresher Course

You may have stumbled on this page willingly, or maybe a friend casually urged you to check it out (hint). Either way, stay. Learn yo’self a thing or two, spread the knowledge, and Do Your Park.

Parking is arguably the least exciting, and for some of you, the most challenging aspect of owning a car. It’s difficult to remember detailed parking rules like how close can you park to a fire hydrant, handicap parking laws, or how long you can park on a residential street without moving it. Even the most common parking actions, like the parallel parking technique, still clearly gives drivers trouble long after their high school driver’s test. Yes, we are judging you. Shame on you. Luckily, the internet (and we here at Do Your Park) are giving you an anonymous chance to brush up on your parking know-how.

Common parking questions:

Conquer the curbs:

Parking Tickets: