Parking Job-ception

It’s not everyday we see our bad parking cards come to life. And even though this happened way back in 2011 (prior to Do Your Park’s founding) our design still happens to be a wonderful coincidence.  Great minds shame alike?

Solving bad parking the Lithuanian way

“This is the incredible moment a frustrated mayor drove an armoured vehicle over a Mercedes-Benz S-Class parked in a cycle lane. Arturas Zuokas became infuriated with motorists parking their luxury cars illegally around the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. So the 43-year-old politician drove over this Merc in a Russian tank to set an example. The mayor said: “I’ve had enough of these drivers parking their luxury cars on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. This tank is a good tool to solve the problem of parking in the wrong place.” We think it was probably a set-up, but we certainly wouldn’t take a chance by parking illegally in Vilnius.”  (source)

Here’s our hero in action: 

Written by Peter V.
Peter is an L.A.-based designer, blogger and daily commuter. He explores what causes parking to suck in urban environments, how to bring about parking regulation changes, and the latest advancements in parking tech.