About Us

Do Your Park began as a simple improvement on an outdated way of informing bad parkers of their wrong-doing. Scribbling crude messages on a crumpled up Del Taco receipt took time, wit, and a pen – some (or all) of which, not many people had. Our delightfully-distasteful magnets took to the streets as a cathartic way of showing one’s disgust. Better yet – the bad parkers then had a chance to redeem themselves by passing their new badge of shame onto the NEXT bad parker, effectively creating a shockwave of accountability and common sense. Hence our magnetic motto: Park Better. Pass it On.

But we realized we were only addressing the most superficial of parking problems. Technology is advancing at an increasing rate – we put a man on the moon, we’re curing diseases thought to be incurable, and there’s a youtube video out there of a dolphin solving a Rubix cube (no thumbs!).

But parking is still the wild. fucking. west.

Parking is a finite resource – one that requires an incredible amount of space in our ever-crowded world. A breakdown in parking efficiency increases carbon emissions and traffic, and robs us of our happiness and available free time. Our mission is not only to point and laugh at the idiots who can’t seem to figure it out, but also to re-educate and inform our readers on how to make the world a better place to park.

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